Thursday, March 19, 2009

This past Saturday, the wonderful photographer, Sarah Small, invited me to photograph her nudes and cocktails birthday extravaganza,
Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions, held at Jewel Street Studios .

It was a party to remember, and I had a blast. Many of Sarah's prints hung on a wall overlooking the party, which looked beautiful, printed by the talented April Renae, of Dogleaf Studios.

As you can see above, there were incredible models, who not only satiated our voyeuristic cravings, but put on an amazing performance. They descended from the stairs about half way through the party, and took stage to hold poses where beautiful dynamics were frozen in time. Sarah then walked through and talked to the models, they would come to life and their interactions would change, and they would re-freeze.

It was art, theater, and fun.

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Kasia Polkowska said...

Great Photographs Lani!!!