Friday, July 25, 2008


I put this series of Polaroids together for a submission, and this is the statement that goes with it:


From the desert sky of Colorado to the deteriorating landmarks of New Orleans and Coney Island, Blue is the idea of fluidity, openness, and impermanence. It is a personal documentation of nostalgia and loss. Having lived numerous places in my life and moving countless times in each place, I have acquired a taste for travel and a longing for home. These images, shot with my Spectra Polaroid camera, soon to become a thing of the past, take on the same attributes of nomadic dreams and childhood nostalgia.


Jeff Moore said...

the content is not the same but this reminded me of a movie i have been trying to get my hands on called: "Blue".

oosh said...

wow Lani! This looks great! I like the quality of the pix (so many new ones!). Also this format really enhances the intimacy of the dialogue/ your vision. I'll put it on my favorites list and keep checking back! ... I had your last name spelled wrong before... oops